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Jamia Nizamia Derby Educational Center was first established in 1997 by its founder Qibla Pir Zulkifal Hussain Sabir Chishti. Its opening was on the 8th June 1997 in which scholars from across the UK were invited for its opening ceremony.

Jamia Nizamia is committed to providing an excellent education for the pupils. We are caring, good-humoured and well-disciplined. We have a stimulating atmosphere in which motivation can thrive and in which we can help everyone to flourish, to achieve their targets and to feel valued

We have a strong reputation for excellent teaching and it is this, together with our calm, ordered atmosphere and the quality of relationships in the institute which ensures that our pupils achieve outstanding results



Alhamdulillah, at Jamia Nizamia we have been teaching the holy Qura'an for more than 15 years with experienced and qualified staff. all the members of staff respect both children's and parents' wishes in order to prepare their children to be good Muslims and followers of Islam.

Our aim is to give children the knowledge of Islam and their religion by teaching them the Qura'an and basic Islamic knowledge. This is so they become good followers of Islam and follow in the footsteps of our beloved Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW). Therefore we advise you to send your children to Jamia Nizamia as it is a great opportunity for your children to learn about Islam and what it really is to be a Muslim. 


Alhamdolillah, With the Grace and Blessings of the Almighty Allah, we at Jamia Nizamia are pleased to announce that Sixteen (16) Young British boys and girls have completed the Holy Qur'aan this year.

This has been only possible due to the efforts of the experienced and trained teachers of Jamia Nizamia. However, we are greatly appreciative of the parents of these children who have supported us and have co-operated with us during the ups and lows thought out the entire period their children studied with us. So many congratulations from Jamia Nizamia for being the specially selected by Almighty Allah who has bestowed this honor to be the parents of these fortunate children. 

As Jamia Nizamia grows and prospers over the years, we try our utmost best to provide our services in all possible means. One of these is the Teaching of Holy Qur'aan. Every Year at the end of Ramadan, a graduation ceremony is held to Congratulate those children who have completed the Holy Qur'aan. Therefore, new places are available for those children who wish to study with us.

We at Jamia Nizamia, specially Invite you to send your children to Jamia Nizamia so that we along with your help can shape the future of our young Muslims. 

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