Jamia Nizamia Publish's Monthly Timetables for the Prayer times in Derby Area. In this website inshaAllah we will upload as of now a monthly Prayer-Namaz timetable for your convenience and also a month in advance timetable.

Note: On What Basis is our timetables based on. To view our research click on Research

So keep a look out for this space. once the time table is uploaded, you need to click on the link provided every  month, select the timetable and simply print it out by using the download option. 


Our research on what basis / degree we make our timetables through out the year.

The following research is done by Alhaj M Zarif Chishty for Jamia Nizamia based on the 12 Degree Rule.

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                                                                                         Map According to the Astronomical and Nautical Twilight. 

The Above Research has been certified by Scholars of UK & Norway in which they provided their Fatwa (ISlamic Ruling in 

Light of the Timings of Prayer Times).

To View the Fatwa Declared Click on the links below;                                                    

                                                                                         Original Fatwa Delivered by Various Scholars of the West.

                                                                                         Carbon Copy of the Original Fatwa.